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At Junk Junk Baby, we celebrate entrepreneurship. We were founded by people like you looking to exit the corporate grind and set out to build a career with flexibility. While some companies may offer “work-life balance,” few can compare it to a lifestyle business like this. Imagine owning a business that gives you a normal workday, that lets you choose your schedule and take time off to travel and be with the ones you love.

At Junk Junk Baby, we embrace family life and provide a career that balances work and play. Owning a junk removal franchise requires low staffing and reasonable startup costs. Discover what your career could look like owning a Junk Junk Baby Franchise.


“What makes our job so unique is the variety. No day is the same. I may be working on a team training program at my desk and get a phone call for a full house clean-out, and it needs to be completed by COB tomorrow. I’m like, “Woohoo,” assemble the guys! It’s exciting! The next day might be 5-6 small to mid-sized jobs, and they’re all different in scope. Not to mention the cool things we come across daily. As Eric says, we’re not allowed to buy anything here…have a little patience, it’ll come through the jobs.”

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“Many ask why I choose to work in the junk removal industry, and my response is always the same. Every day is rewarding. Much of what we do revolves around helping those in the midst of difficult and emotional circumstances. It is wonderful to spend time with our clients, reassure them they are in good hands, and voice that there is no longer a need to fret. All is taken care of by us, and this is a big statement that we back up. We’re the best at what we do. At the end of the day, knowing we made a positive impact on people’s lives is priceless.“

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