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Thumbs_UpWhen you’re up against the big guys, nothing is more important than customer service. And we take it very seriously. From the first free consult, you’ll understand why our customers love us! We want to help you rid your life of junk so you can reclaim your space and go back to living your life clutter-free. We promise the Junk Junk Baby experience will deliver what we’re all looking for: clarity and peace of mind. Our prices are also the best around and we boast one of the biggest trucks in the business, meaning fewer loads for us and tremendous savings for you. Just another reason Junk Junk Baby stands above the rest.


greenJunk Junk Baby stands apart from other junk removal companies by making sure that everything that can be recycled, will be recycled. Not only does it save us money in waste removal, but it also reflects our ongoing commitment to ridding the planet of junk in a responsible and sustainable way. While other junk removal companies will simply take your junk and dump it straight into a landfill (and bill you for the waste removal costs!), we inspect everything to see if there’s a way to repurpose or recycle it, leaving behind a better planet for generations to come.

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