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What We Haul


Hey, when you own a home, you have “stuff”. When you own a big home, you have a lot of “stuff”. When you own a home and you’ve lived there for 43 years you have a “wicked lotta stuff”. Over the course of time, some of this “stuff” can accumulate and be considered “junk”. And that’s OK. That’s why we’re here.

Junk Junk Baby professionally removes any and all household items*. We do all the heavy lifting. As we like to say, just “Point and click!”, we’ll take care of the rest. Let’s take a quick tour around the house to give an example of what Junk Junk Baby hauls away, shall we!?

  • Kitchen removal: Appliances including, oven, range, stove, dishwasher, refrigerators, (fridge), freezers, microwave, table, chairs, pots, pans, silverware, cookware, dishes, rugs, cabinets, counter tops, pictures, throw away or donation food.
  • Living room removal: Sofa, couch, loveseat, recliner chair, coffee table, rug, carpet, TV, television, stereo, wall hangings, pictures, AC unit, air conditioner, wood stove and junk sofa
  • Dining room: Table, chairs, hutch, grandfather clock, bar and other junk .
  • Den removal: Daybed, sleeper sofa, club chair, books, desk, file cabinets, magazines, books, papers, rugs, shelves, shelving and like junk.
  • Office removal: Executive desk,chair, computers, monitors, printer, copier, library, credenza, file cabinets, and office junk.
  • Bedroom removal: Bed, mattress, box spring, dresser, armoire, lamps, bureau, chest, drawers, clothes, junk.
  • Attic removal: Trunks, footlockers, boxes, papers, clothes, games, televisions, old debris and junk
  • Basement removal: Washer, dryer, tools, workshop, treadmill, stairmaster, bikes, bicycles, old appliances, scrap metal, household junk and debris.
  • Garage removal: Snow blowers, garden tools, motorcycles, scooters, lawn outdoor furniture, household trash, rubbish, garbage, and old junk.
  • Yard removal: Patio furniture, garden furniture, pool furniture, gas grill, trampoline, shed, garden tools, fence, riding mower, fire pit, jungle gym, snow blower, and yard junk.
  • Residential Removal: Home, basement, attic, garage, yard, crawl space, storage unit,
  • Commercial Removal: office furniture, appliance, file cabinets, document shredding (Data shredder), computer, printer, copier, fax,
  • Investors: Distressed property, Rehab, landlord, tenant
  • Banks & Financial institutions: Real estate owned – REO, foreclosed, foreclosure property clean-outs.
  • Renters: End of lease clean-out

*excluding hazardous materials: automotive fluids, oils, paints, thinners, aerosols, gasoline, fuels, pesticides, poisons, corrosives, mercury containing products, medical needles, medication, biological waste,asbestos, florescent light bulbs, and the like.

COVID-19 NoticeA Message From The Owner

March 21, 2020

Customers, Partners and Friends,

I am writing to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Please let me reassure you, Junk Junk Baby is acting with an abundance of caution to ensure the health and safety of our team, customers and the greater community. Our operation remains open and cleanouts, and home visits are on schedule. Our team also has a redundancy plan in place in the event we have to take the operation fully remote.

Safety First

We are taking the following precautions and mandatory protocol:

  • Our morning starts with a crew temperature check and an overview of Covid-19 symptoms checklist found on the CDC website. We will not work if any crew member has a temperature or any related symptoms.
  • All truck cabs are wiped down on surface areas (door handles, dash, steering wheel, shift) to start the day, after each job, and to end the day.
  • We wash our hands before we get in the truck and wash/sanitize hands every thirty minutes. We wear clean work gloves, sanitizing both our gloves and work boots before entering the home.
  • To help comply with the social distancing effort, we are encouraging curbside removal for our clients, minimizing conversations inside the home and not shaking hands.
  • We are also making changes to our crew, focusing on a hyper local approach with two haulers from Essex County.

Junk Junk Baby will be maintaining close adherence to any ongoing guidance/recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Public Health (DHP), other federal agencies, local boards of health, and the Commonwealth/Department of Developmental Services as we determine next steps.

We promise to remain diligent in our approach, and always put our clients priorities first and foremost. This is no exception. I want to thank all of our clients; past, present and future. We will get through this "new normal".


Eric Myers, Junk Junk Baby!

Eric Myers
Junk Junk Baby
We make it Gone, Gone, Baby!

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