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How We Differ

Our business experience, in real estate and insurance ensures our clients that we understand the importance of “crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s”.  “The devil is in the details”, as they say.  We appreciate in business and at home, there are deadlines to meet and standards to be met.  Our track record of working with attorneys, property managers, real estate investors, contractors, brokers, buyers, sellers, storage facilities, and homeowners makes us a clear choice to partner with.  We go above and beyond.  If you have other tasks or jobs that need to be done and are time sensitive; ask us.  We’ll probably be able to help.  We are a same day, 24/7 business should your needs be immediate.

Along with taking care of our customers, our biggest passion is giving back to the community.  We donate all our acceptable items to non-profit organizations including; The Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, Goodwill, My Brother’s Keeper, and Mission of the Deeds.  We don’t stop there.  If the items are not acceptable because of slight damage or wear, we post the items on craigslist under the free section, and they typically go like hot cakes.  In addition to donating discarded items and furniture, we also donate time to the community.  Junk Junk Baby is interested in contributing to non-profit fundraising events.  If you have something going on, please let us know.


While the majority of junk removal companies charge by the amount of stuff (or volume) that fits in the truck, Junk Junk Baby takes a more consultative approach. The “we charge you by the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck” is flawed.  Junk Junk Baby will survey what you have, estimate time, weight, and volume involved in the job, then determine what can be recycled, donated, or re-purposed and price accordingly. Example: If you have a serviceable sofa, love seat, table, chairs, a few bags of clothes and some books that can be donated, do you think you should get charged the same as say, bags of household garbage just because it takes up the same amount of space on the truck!? Nahh! We don’t either. Give us a call now so we can save you time and money!


THE new-logo3 ADVANTAGE:

Since Junk Junk Baby’s truck (equivalent to 20 yard dumpster) is over twice the size  of the “1-800 guys”, we give you more bang for your buck. Less trips in the truck means less money out of pocket for you!

We’re locally owned, operated and an organically home grown business out of Ipswich, Ma., Essex County, North Shore. We don’t spend money on large scale advertising, SEO Internet campaigns, or are required to pay big time franchising fees, passing the savings off to you. We build relationships, earn trust, and the majority of our business comes from referrals.

We are not a franchise. We didn’t need to invest $200k in a name and business blueprint, we don’t have royalty fees to pay or sales quotas to meet. Let’s face it; it takes a lot of money to run a big business. Who do you think is paying for the franchise machine…!?

We don’t drive a dump truck. At Junk Junk Baby, we take a lot of pride in doing the right thing. Would it be easier to take everything we remove, drive it to the transfer station and dump it? Sure. But then we couldn’t sleep at night. Therefore, we do the right thing. The majority of all serviceable items including: furniture, housewares, household goods, clothing, bedding, books, and toys are donated to The Epilepsy FoundationBig Brothers Big Sisters. Baby items including; strollers, carriages, cribs, and blankets are donated to All clothing and fabrics is donated to All cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, electronics, batteries, and metals are recycled, helping rid the world of unnecessary waste, one Junk Junk Baby truck load at a time.

Flexible plans: Everyone has different situations and this junk stuff can get expensive at times. If you’re on a limited budget or are not in position to square up same day, hey…, we understand. Junk Junk Baby will work with you as best we can in order to help you reach your goals.

People love Junk Junk Baby! We start with a handshake and typically end the job with a hug. See what folks like you are saying about Junk Junk Baby!

We are real estate experts. Junk Junk Baby helps prepare homes to be sold on the front end; before your home is listed and on the back end; at the time of closing. Junk Junk Baby has provided clean-outs for hundreds of satisfied home owners. Call it luck or we’re just great at what we do. (and we like to think it’s the latter).., the homes we clean-out, CLOSE!

We continue to provide outstanding service for real estate brokers in the North Shore including: Keller Williams: Beverly, Newburyport, Topsfield, and Salem branches. Windhill Realty Advisors, Rowley Realty, J. Barrett and Associates, REMAX on the River, and various Century 21 offices.

About Eric

Founded by Eric Myers, a former career corporate desk jockey, Junk Junk Baby is a full service junk removal and hauling company based in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  We bring over fifteen years sales and service experience to the business, which reflects in the way we interact with our customers.  We are a professional in appearance and action, always friendly and take a great deal of pride in getting the job done, exceeding our clients expectations.  At the end of the day, we are simply a customer service business and providing customer satisfaction is the key to our success.  Professional, reliable, enjoyable, recommendable:  That’s Junk Junk Baby!

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